How to Volunteer

Clinical research is one part of the process used to develop new medical treatments and technology. Clinical research studies are conducted with human volunteers or on samples collected from human volunteers. Each trial is designed to answer specific questions and may be related to developing new treatments, new procedures, or new medical devices.

To enroll in any of the Wisconsin ADRC's studies, you must first complete a 10 - 20 minute questionnaire over the phone at (608) 265-0407, to see if you or the person you are interested in enrolling meet the specific study criteria.

The phone questionnaire will gather information about memory symptoms, medical history and medications of the potential participant. If it appears that there is a specfic study you or a loved one may be eligible for, you will be provided with more information on that particular study. If it does not appear that you or a loved one is able to participate in any currently enrolling study, you will be offered the opportunity to join the ADRC Recruitment Registry.