Dr. Edwards speaks on the ADRC’s 16th Annual Fall Lecture

Wisconsin ADRC outreach, recruitment, and education leader, Dorothy Farrar Edwards, PhD, appeared on the local news to speak about the ADRC’s 16th Annual Fall Lecture. She emphasized the importance of prevention and the positive research surrounding Alzheimer’s disease risk reduction. This year, the event’s focus is Alzheimer’s prevention and features speakers in the Alzheimer’s disease research field. The keynote speaker is Dr. Martha Clare Morris, who has been conducting research on the effects of diet in relation Alzheimer’s disease for 20 years. Additionally, Dr. Heather Johnson will be speaking on cardiovascular risk factors and Dr. Jill Barns will be speaking on the effects of exercise on the brain.

“Event focused on support for Alzheimer’s disease” aired on WMTV on September 26, 2017, and is posted on the WMTV website.