Requests for Archived Data: Cognitive Data, Neuroimages, Questionnaire Data

General Instructions

Applications for archival data must follow the defined application process. Data will be coded; thus, it is possible that some specific information may not be available for certain age groups. For example, we may not release specific age, ethnicity and city of residence for individuals over the age of 89, as it could be possible in some cases to uncover a participant’s identity with this information. For a description of the information that is available, click here.

Institutional Review Board Instructions

All projects proposing to use Wisconsin ADRC resources must have approval or exemption status from an Institutional Review Board (IRB) before the resources will be released. Instructions and applications for approval and exemptions from a University of Wisconsin Human Subjects Committee can be found at your institution's IRB website. Investigators must receive approval from the ADRC executive committee before applying to an IRB. No resources will be released until approval has been obtained by the prospective investigator and given to the ADRC. Please contact

In order for an IRB to consider a project exempt from review, data collection cannot be ongoing. Data collection for the Wisconsin ADRC’s Clinical Core is ongoing; however, if an investigator indicates that only data collected during a specified and past period will be requested, the project may still be categorized as exempt. See the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 46 for more details. Non-exempt status is determined by an IRB, not by the investigator.