Requests to Recruit ADRC Clinical Core Participants

General Instructions

IRB approval must be secured before any recruitment activities can be initiated. Applications to recruit Clinical Core volunteers must include a Procedures Report, which will outline all interventions, procedures and/or drugs administered at each visit. For a description of the research participants who are open to recruitment, click here.

Initial correspondence with potential subjects must originate from the Wisconsin ADRC. Neither names nor contact information will be released to investigators (not on the ADRC protocol). You may be asked to provide funding for administrative support to complete aforementioned mailings. The ADRC will send out the recruitment letter that you get approved by your IRB.

All investigators recruiting ADRC participants must provide the ADRC with a copy of the UW IRB approved protocol and consent form(s), along with a copy of the approval letter, prior to the initiation of the study. Multi-year studies must forward copies of continuing review approvals.

Please include language in your consent form that permits the future use of the data you collect (e.g., “Your data may be used by the research team now and in the future to answer questions about health concerns, memory, and thinking.").

Investigator orientation to recruitment of ADRC subjects

Before any recruitment with ADRC subjects can begin, the investigator and any research coordinator who may be in contact with subjects will receive an orientation to procedures for contact and interaction with subjects. This orientation includes how they will receive subject information, the "dos and don’ts" of scheduling and testing ADRC subjects. This orientation will be conducted by the Wisconsin ADRC Clinical Research Program Manager and Regulatory Specialist. To request an orientation contact Michelle Wahoske, MS, Clinical Research Program Manager.