Review and Post-Review Process

Review Process

The Executive Committee members will review proposals at their monthly meeting. The ADRC Administrator will ensure that appropriate Core Leaders are present for the meeting in order to have a quorum for scientific review of each proposal. NIH guidelines for grant review will be utilized for review of all proposals.

Post Review Process

A letter will be sent to the investigator(s) of the proposed research indicating whether committee approval was granted and any steps that must be taken before resources will be released. In addition to specific requests from the committee, the investigator must provide:

  • Signed Agreements Document
  • Evidence of IRB approval/exemption status
  • Material Transfer Agreement (if applicable)

Other post review matters:

  • Annual review of progress reports and expiration of approvals
  • Distribution of resources


Investigators whose requests for resources are approved must sign the agreements document that covers the following:

  • Acknowledging the Wisconsin ADRC

Formally acknowledge the Wisconsin ADRC’s contribution to the project (e.g., in the Acknowledgment section of a manuscript). Please indicate the specific Core’s that provided support for the project. For example, “The authors would like to acknowledge the clinical and neuropathology diagnostic support provided by the Wisconsin ADRC’s Clinical, Neuropathology and Biomarkers Cores, and biostatistical support provided by the Data Management and Biostatistics Core.”

  • Reporting the Wisconsin ADRC grant number in publications

Include NIH-NIA grant number (P50-AG033514) in all publications (manuscripts and abstracts) and presentations related to work using Wisconsin ADRC resources.

  • Obtaining a PubMed Central ID (PMCID) number

For all publications resulting from work using Wisconsin ADRC resources, investigators must obtain a PMCID. PMCID application instructions are provided here.

  • Providing Annual Progress Reports

Submit an annual progress report every year after the resource request is fulfilled until the study is completed. Approvals not reviewed annually are considered expired. Click here for the instructions on how to complete this form. These reports should be sent to

Annual review of progress reports and expiration of approvals

The Wisconsin ADRC Executive and Tissue Committees will review Annual Progress Reports during their monthly meetings. The Committees reserve the right to rescind approval of previously approved requests. This is most likely to occur if the resources requested are severely limited in quantity. Approved projects not reviewed on an annual basis will be considered expired.

Distribution of Resources

Data: Once all requested documents are received by the ADRC, the investigator will coordinate with the Data Service Liaison to transfer approved data.

Samples: Requests for samples will be filled once required documents and/or approvals are provided to the ADRC. Samples will be distributed based on availability at the time documentation is complete, and not based on availability at the time of approval.