Why Participate

Everything we have learned about memory, memory treatments and memory disorders is known because somebody volunteered for a research study. Because of volunteers, researchers are making great strides in early diagnosis of memory problems and in identifying potential new interventions to help treat, delay the onset, and possibly prevent Alzheimer’s disease entirely. They are also learning more about how to identify the disease and the variety of different lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors that contribute to disease risk.

Without study volunteers, knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease would not have come this far and without study volunteers, the causes of Alzheimer’s disease will never be found. Alzheimer’s research can move forward only if people are willing to volunteer for clinical trials and studies. Before any drug or therapy can be used in clinical practice, it must be rigorously tested to find out whether it is safe and effective in humans.

Clinical trials and studies are a partnership between researchers and volunteer participants, who work together to answer questions about humans that we can answer in no other way. Ensuring that those answers are correct requires volunteers from all walks of life. Please call us today to see how you can get involved: (608) 265-0407!

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Help others, including future family generations, who may be at risk for Alzheimer’s disease
  • Receive regular monitoring by Alzheimer’s professionals
  • Learn more about the disease from experts
  • Get information about support