Being Patient Translates Alzheimer’s Disease Science for the General Public

Debra Kan
Deborah Kan

Being Patient is an online news source dedicated to providing research news, caregiver information and resources related to Alzheimer's disease. Being Patient founder Deborah Kan discusses how her personal experiences led her to develop the website, as well as how online resources and communities can help empower individuals affected by memory loss. Guest: Deborah Kan, journalist, founder of

Episode Topics:

  • What inspired you to leave a career in journalism and launch Being Patient? 0:58
  • How do you decide on the topics you cover? 4:18
  • How does social media help build a community through connection? 9:14
  • Have you found a certain communication platform that has better reach? 11:25
  • What have you learned from caregivers through your work? 13:49
  • Can you offer recommendations for finding reliable online sources for health information? 18:58
  • Why is it important for the scientific community to have a separate organization that discusses the research? 23:34
  • What topics in Alzheimer's disease research have been the most impactful? 27:35

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Show Notes

Visit Being Patient online.

In June 2018, Debra Kan interviewed Dr. Nathaniel Chin for an episode of Being Patient's "Expert Brain Talk" series. Watch "Genetics and Alzheimer's: What the Latest Research Says."