How to Shape Your Brain Health and Reduce Your Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

image of Dr. Michelle Braun smiling with a teal shirt
Michelle Braun, PhD

Neuropsychologist and author Michelle Braun, PhD, joins the podcast to talk about lifestyle changes that can support brain health. “We have the ability to make our brain younger than our chronological age,” she says. Braun shares how and details strategies from her new book, “High-Octane Brain: 5 Science-Based Steps to Sharpen Your Memory and Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’s.” Hear about common misconceptions around aging, three possible brain health trajectories, and how to maximize your brain health.

Guest: Michelle Braun, PhD, neuropsychologist and national leader in the field of brain health

Episode Topics

  • What are the most common complaints that can be attributed to normal aging? 1:29
  • What are the main misconceptions of aging? 3:25
  • What are the three possible brain health trajectories? 5:00
  • What does a high-octane brain trajectory look like? 6:55
  • What are the three navigational forces that influence brain health trajectories? 8:21
  • What is epigenetics? 10:35
  • What are the five lifestyle factors that make up EXCELS?  13:01
  • How did you come up with the order of these lifestyle changes? 14:18
  • What do you tell your patients about the benefits of exercise? How do you recommend they start? 16:20
  • What diet do you recommend to support brain health? 20:06
  • What have you found to be the biggest struggle in following the diet? 22:21
  • How should a person get started with the MIND diet and what should be avoided? 23:27
  • What is your response when patients ask about supplements? 24:46
  • What are your thoughts on alcohol consumption and brain health? 26:07

Show Notes

Dr. Braun will be a guest speaker at the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center’s "Healthy Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment: Nutrition in Action" class on June 18, 2021. The class will be held virtually on Zoom and is free and open to the public. Register Here.

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Show Notes

Learn about Dr. Michelle Braun's book High-Octane Brain: 5 Science-Based Steps to Sharpen Your Memory and Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer's at her website

Dr. Braun will be the guest speaker at the June 2021 class "Healthy Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment: Nutrition in Action," sponsored by the Wisconsin ADRC and Alzheimer's Association Wisconsin Chapter.