Memories and Milestones: Celebrating Six Years of ‘Dementia Matters’

Headshot of Dr. Nathaniel Chin
Nathaniel Chin, MD

Six years following the start of Dementia Matters in October 2017, the podcast team turns the tables on our host, Dr. Nathaniel Chin. Producers Amy Lambright Murphy and Caoilfhinn Rauwerdink talk with Dr. Chin about how the podcast got started, the brain health tips he incorporates into his own life, how he envisions the field of Alzheimer’s disease research advancing in the next five years and other personal insights from the person behind the podcast.
Guest: Nathaniel Chin, MD, geriatrician, medical director, Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer’s Prevention, host, Dementia Matters

Show Notes

Visit our “Prevention” webpage for more on the brain health tips mentioned at 7:07.

Listen to our episode, “Highlights from the 2023 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference,” referenced at 10:49, on our website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Learn more about the importance of a healthy diet, mentioned at 8:25, by watching, “Take Care of Your MIND: Reviewing the MIND Diet for Healthy Brain Aging,” on our YouTube channel.

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