Sex Differences in Alzheimer’s Disease

Almost two-thirds of Americans with Alzheimer’s disease are women. In the Alzheimer’s disease research field, there is an interest in understanding the sex-specific differences in the risk and development of this disease. Dr. Michelle Mielke joins to discuss some of these differences as well as how pregnancy and menopause might affect cognition. Guest: Michelle Mielke, PhD, Mayo Clinic Rochester

Episode Topics:

  • What are the sex differences in the development of dementia? 4:09
  • What are explanations for these differences? 7:57
  • What role does pregnancy and menopause play in the development of cognitive disorders? 10:09 
  • Could menopausal hormone replacement therapy affect the cognitive development of dementia in individuals? 14:32
  • Are there sex differences in the genetic risk of APOE? 21:30
  • What do you do in your personal life to maintain brain health? 24:31
Michelle Mielke
Michelle Mielke, PhD

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