A picture of the KLOTHO study recruitment flyer. All eligibility details and information are included on this web page.

The purpose of the KLOTHO and Resilience to Synaptic Dysfunction in Preclinical AD (KLOTHO) Study is to obtain information about synapse health in the brain. The synapse, located at the end of a neuron (brain cell), is the point at which a communication signal passes between neurons. We want to better understand how synaptic health relates to cognitive function and Alzheimer’s disease pathology, and how the KLOTHO gene potentially favorably modifies these relationships.

What is the purpose of the KLOTHO study?

The KLOTHO study helps us further understand aging by looking at a gene, called KLOTHO, that may play a role in brain health.

We do this through the following:
⁃ PET Scan
⁃ MRI Scan
⁃ Blood draw
⁃ Lumbar Puncture
⁃ Cognitive testing (if not completed through the WRAP/ADRC Study)

A follow-up visit after 2 years will be conducted to complete the same study activities.

Participant compensation:

Participants will be compensated up to $275 for each visit (one initial and then a 2-year follow-up), totaling to up to $550 for both visits.

Participation Eligibility

Who is eligible? Adults who are:
Aged 45+
Cognitively Healthy
Able to undergo MRI, PET, blood draw, and Lumbar Puncture

View the KLOTHO flyer below:


If you are interested in participating, please contact the study coordinator at: (608) 262-6875

Study coordinator

Headshot of Vinauv Uday
Clinical Research Coordinator