Dr. Nathaniel Chin emphasizes understanding Alzheimer's vs. dementia in OpEd

Photo of Dr. Nathaniel Chin in a hallway with windows. He's wearing a blue plaid shirt and grey tie.

Nathaniel Chin, MD, penned a guest essay recently featured in Newsday explaining how emerging Alzheimer’s treatments raise the stakes for understanding the distinction between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

“The Food and Drug Administration recently approved Leqembi, which removes from the brain one of the key proteins in Alzheimer’s disease. By targeting the biology, Leqembi can modify Alzheimer’s course and impact dementia symptoms. As a result, both biology and symptoms matter in providing care. Memory clinics are the epicenter for providing this care, bridging the symptoms with the disease,” Chin wrote.

Alzheimer's disease is not the same as dementia,” appeared in Newsday on February 6, 2024.