Dr. Nathaniel Chin featured in story on middle-aged health and dementia

Results from a recent study showed middle-aged women with high cardiovascular fitness developed dementia later and much less frequently than unfit women. Dr. Nathaniel Chin, a geriatrician at UW Health and director of medical services for the Wisconsin ADRC, was asked to comment on this University of Gothenburg research for Everyday Health. “This study reaffirms this belief that physical activity has the ability to modify a person’s cognitive health and potentially prevent or delay the onset of dementia," he says. Chin also emphasized that “any movement is good movement” and there wasn’t found to be much of a difference between being moderately fit and highly fit.  “Being moderately fit is enough to have an impact on improving brain health and delaying brain changes,” he added. 

Fitness in Middle Age May Help Protect Against Dementia” was posted on Everyday Health on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.