UW Alzheimer’s disease experts featured on ‘Super Aging’ podcast


Super Aging is a new podcast hosted by Fatou Ceesay, owner of Cairasu Home Care in Madison, Wisconsin. Episodes explore and promote healthy aging, raise dementia and Alzheimer's awareness, and amplify caregiver voices.

Recent guests include experts from the University of Wisconsin–Madison discussing Alzheimer’s disease topics with Fatou.

The impact of Alzheimer’s among Black people and other health disparities with Gina Green-Harris
Green-Harris of the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute shared the significance of Black History Month and the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on the Black community, discussed contributing factors to health disparities Black people experience, and offered some useful strategies and resources to address some of these issues. 
Released on February 14, 2021
Episode length: 58 minutes, and 42 seconds

Hormone therapy at menopause and cognition with Carey Gleason, PhD
Dr. Gleason discussed hormone therapy at menopause, cognitive symptoms of menopause, the role of estrogen on cognition and much, much more.
Released on March 27, 2021
Episode length: 28 minutes, and 55 seconds

Alzheimer’s disease, community awareness and aging gracefully with Shenikqua Bouges, MD
Dr. Bouges specializes in memory assessments, dementia and geriatric medicine. In the episode she discussed what inspired her career path in Geriatrics and Gerontology. She also talked about changes that come with aging, reducing risk factors for various conditions, signs indicating memory changes, community awareness and education, access to care, tips for physical and mental health during the pandemic, and what she does personally for maintaining self-care.
Released on April 10, 2021
Episode length: 20 minutes, and 9 seconds

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