Feed Your Mind

graphic of food and woman cooking

A hands-on cooking class inspired by the MIND diet for healthy brain aging.

Join Alzheimer's disease, caregiver, and wellness experts for hands-on cooking inspired by the MIND diet for healthy brain aging. Participants will learn about science-backed dietary choices that can reduce their risk for Alzheimer’s disease. The class will prepare three brain-healthy recipes under the direction of a UW Health Center for Wellness dietitian. A UW Health Memory Clinic doctor will join the class to provide general information on maintaining and improving brain health and answer participant questions. Feed Your Mind is co-sponsored by the UW Health Center for Wellness.

View a PDF of the MIND diet recommendations.

We do not currently have any Feed Your Mind:Cooking for Brain Health classes scheduled, but check back for future class offerings. 

Past MIND diet class recipes

Herbed tomato and lentil soup

Pesto chicken and roasted red pepper sandwiches

Chocolate power balls

Brain boosting cauliflower

Anti-inflammatory salmon salad