Wisconsin ADRC delivers more than 200 meals during physically distanced participant appreciation event

woman delivering food to couple

The annual Research Participant Appreciation Brunch looked different this year when 15 staff members from the Wisconsin ADRC and community volunteers delivered 208 meals to African American Clinical Core research participants. Healthy brunch meals were prepared out of the Fountain of Life Covenant Church kitchen by Chef James Bloodsaw and his catering company Just Veggiez. Participants also received thank you certificates listing the number of years they have been involved in the ADRC Clinical Core and a folder of educational materials. Carey Gleason, PhD, leader of the Wisconsin ADRC’s Inclusion of Underrepresented Groups Core, provided an update on new programs and initiatives along with her annual celebration of life and longevity. View a PDF of Dr. Gleason’s update. 
Dr. Gleason and Fabu Carter, MA, senior outreach specialist at the Wisconsin ADRC, presented Volunteer of the Year certificates to Ms. Charlotte Rankin and Ms. Jessie Rankin. The awards recognize research participants who demonstrate service, dedication, and commitment to their communities. The Rankin sisters, both retired teachers, have been participating in research at the Wisconsin ADRC since 2016. Ms. Jessie says she joined the research because she has always promoted brain health and Ms. Charlotte says she joined the research to make sure that her brain stayed healthy. 
“One of the reasons that the Rankin sisters were chosen as Volunteers of the Year is that they have been two of our biggest recruiters and supporters," Carter said. "Their experiences with the Wisconsin ADRC have been positive, and they have recommended our memory services to other seniors.”

two chefs preparing food with the text Just Veggiez on their shirts
Chef James Bloodsaw, right, owner of Just Veggiez, prepares meals for delivery with one of his employees.
to go meals packaged for delivery
Brunch meals packaged and ready for delivery.
woman delivering food to couple
Wisconsin ADRC administrative specialist Tracy Smith, right, delivers meals to two research participants.
man delivering food to another man
Wisconsin ADRC outreach ambassador Edward Murray, right, delivers brunch to a research participant.
four women in a room, two standing in back and two sitting in front displaying certificates
Fabu Carter, back left, and Dr. Carey Gleason, back right, present 2020 Volunteer of the Year certificates to sisters Ms. Jessie Rankin, front left, and Ms. Charlotte Rankin, front right.
group of people standing in a socially distanced group
Wisconsin ADRC staff, community volunteers and Just Veggiez employees gathered for a socially distanced and masked photo before they delivered more than 200 meals to African American Alzheimer's disease research participants in the Madison area.